Here's a fanart short I did for The Foxfire Chronicals. Helps if you know a bit about online gaming.

A fanart I did for Angst is a Five Letter Word. Was more of a doodle of an idea I had after looking at his comic for a while and should have spent some more time on it. The Chang is unbeatable.

Trenor's entry into the Mr. Comicgenesis competition for 2006 (formal and swimwear outfits). It was fun to draw him in character for these, as well as this for his answers to the questions.

Yussa's entry into the Mrs. Comicgenesis competition for 2006 (again formal and swimwear outfits). Not quite as fun as Trenor's, but the main reason I did it was so I wouldn't be doing work (heh). The outfits were a bit more "into" what's the norm for the entries, whereas Trenor's stuff was more "what I would expect him to wear in the world of Jarcuum."

The cover image for the entry of The Story of the Dame in the Big Ass Mini. The final version of BAM did not have this included since the page count had to be cut down. For the most part, the BAM entry of this story is not that much different than the webcomic verison (in fact, it has a parts removed, and the only "new" stuff would be the rewritten text). If you're interested in small press comic publishing, and in particular what people in that area are going, you can give BAM a try out. 500 pages, over 60 artists, for $15.

Other Comics

Honestly, this is here to remind me which comics I'm reading. Otherwise, I'd forget about them.

Angst is a Five Letter Word
The End of Things
The Foxfire Chronicals